Meet Michele

Hi and welcome! On my site, you will find two distinct sections, both of which are very important to me. Homes with Michele features my real estate business, and Secret Place Blog is where I tell my story of faith and perseverance.


I am a single mom with two children that I am so grateful for. Most of my time is spent raising my kids, working my business, and serving in ministry. Apart from this I enjoy exercise at the gym, long walks outdoors, worship music, the sun and any body of water including the ocean, lakes, and pools. California living is in my blood. In the Fall I will be found cheering on my alma mater, USC, at football games.


Check out more details below about Homes with Michele and Secret Place Blog. Come and join me and interact on one or both places!

I began in real estate in 2004 on a team selling luxury homes in Newport and Laguna Beach. We sold multi-million-dollar ocean front and bay front estates to business owners and high profile clientele.


Over the past several years I have had the joy of leveraging my skill set and negotiating skills into helping families in my own community in South Orange County and Irvine. As a mom who believes in local community, I enjoy helping clients establish themselves in the area they want to live.


Two of my strongest attributes as a realtor are my ability to negotiate tough deals and to offer excellent service to my clientele. Relationships are extremely important to me both personally and professionally. Therefore, I offer the care and expertise needed to navigate a big life change.


When you visit Homes with Michele, you’ll see my record setting sales, awards, testimonials, and sold gallery. You will also find a unique offering of Home Lifestyle tips. Having spent the past 13 years touring real estate all over Orange County CA, I have come to discover what truly makes a house a home is the love, relationships, and memories made in-between the walls. I am always on the hunt to work on home improvements and creative inspiration inside of my own home. The Home Lifestyle section is an interactive space for us to share our favorite tips and tricks for cultivating a home. Soon to be featured is a guide to preparing a home to sell and things to know when preparing to purchase.


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I have realized the key to unlocking a purposeful and fulfilling life is found in falling in love with God first, understanding this powerful love, and allowing it to make me whole. I share about my journey finding strength in surrender, healing for my heart, and hope after divorce as well as teaching about engaging in an authentic prayer life.


Prayer is the most powerful tool that we have, I believe this because I have witnessed powerful change in my life as a result of prayer. Connecting with God in prayer has the power to comfort the grieving, heal the broken, restore lives, and reveal the heart and character of God. I believe this. I teach on learning to hear the voice of God and enter a great adventure of friendship with God.


I am sharing my story and divine discoveries with you, for you to find yourself somewhere in my story. The story is not one of divorce, although this is the very painful challenge that I lived through which led me to seek God with all my soul. The story is of finding purpose, strength, and joy amid devastation. I invite you to jump in and journey with me! I want to interact and hope to hear your personal stories and breakthroughs along the way. Let’s do this together!


Ministry Background:


Michele is author of Prayer Circle, a public speaker, and the women’s ministry core leader of prayer at Mariners Church, Irvine. She has been a prayer leader at Mariners Church since January 2014. Most importantly Michele runs hard after the heart of God. You will find her engaging in one on one prayer fighting for freedom in the lives of those around her.

Two of Michele’s favorite scriptures

“Let the praises of God be in their mouths, and a sharp sword in their hands” Psalm 149:6

“For the Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.” Job 33:4


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